Entries from June 2008

June 27, 2008

Just like a free show

“One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.” -Franklin P. Jones
I sit in front of a very sweet, very caring very elderly secretary at my office. And everyday I consider sending her flowers, candy or a card as a thank you for the entertainment she provides me with throughout [...]

June 19, 2008

My cell phone is not a vibrator

I used to feel bad about sleeping on the train ride from peaceful New Jersey into neurotic Manhattan. I’d try to not do it at all in favor of reading or staring out the window, or if I had to do it I’d sleep really lightly to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself in front [...]

June 17, 2008

I Make Unwanted Friends

Strangers almost invariably try to make friends with me. And hey, I’m all for meeting new people: friends of friends, fellow party guests, your local grocer. Sure. But the strangers that try to befriend me are consistently, well, strange. 
Take today for example. I’m walking down my street on a beautiful morning, listening to Beck on [...]

June 10, 2008

And also why…

“Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.” -Ambrose Bierce
Why am I sleepy when I wake up, pleading with the clock for more minutes of slumber, fighting back the urge to yawn all day at my desk, itching for bedtime during dinner, and yet now, at bedtime, as I sit in front of my computer, [...]

June 10, 2008

But how come?

Life has presented me with many an enigma that I just let slide… I file it under “I’m never gonna figure this out” and move on. I feel it’s time to address at least one of these mysteries because it’s been taken to a new level.
Why, oh why, oh why do they build bathroom stalls [...]