June 10, 2008...2:39 am

And also why…

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“Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.” -Ambrose Bierce

Why am I sleepy when I wake up, pleading with the clock for more minutes of slumber, fighting back the urge to yawn all day at my desk, itching for bedtime during dinner, and yet now, at bedtime, as I sit in front of my computer, why does web junk interest me more than sleeping? 

Full of questions I am today.


  • “Dawn: When men of reason go to bed?” , I wonder in what context old Ambrose said that? Was he a man of reason? I think probably not, men of reason don’t just split to Mexico.

  • I always just hate the awaiting moderation part. Its like someone somewhere is going to look at what I write and ask themselves, “Is he good enough to grace my blog?”

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