January 12, 2009...12:59 pm

My Western Welcome

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After an hour-long 5am car haul to the airport, a 30-minute security line, a 30-minute plane de-icing, a 6-hour flight to LA, another hour-long car ride to the Boyfriend’s apartment then back to Long Beach and an hour-long boat ride in darkness I finally (phew) made it to my destination – Catalina Island, CA. 

Stunned and exhausted from all the travel, I found the little port city to be pretty surreal. The landscape was gorgeous – decadent houses and hotels lit up in the hills and brightly colored storefronts dotted the shoreline (I’ll get around to posting some of the pictures we took). Still, after not having seen the Boyfriend since Thanksgiving, I basically wanted to get laid, get a well salted margarita and pass out next to our view of the hills. 

There were slightly limited options for restaurants and nightlife in the off-season, so I perched myself on the side of the bathtub while the Boyfriend brushed his teeth to discuss a little island exploring in search of more options (there were none). Then suddenly it felt like either the bathtub was shaking or I was about to lose my balance and pass out from hunger and fatigue. Then I noticed the towels were sort of shimmying back and forth too. The next morning the news confirmed my suspicion – 8 hours after landing in LA, I felt my first earthquake. So far the West Coast is a whole new world.

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