January 13, 2009...11:51 am

And not because someone is chasing me

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Either because I’m shedding my lazy East Coast habits of sleeping all day and spending my spare time parked on my couch with a cheesesteak and dvr’d crap tv or because I’m unemployed and left to my own devices all day I have taken up exercising. And by “taken up” I mean I’ve done it once and now I want to speed to the mall and buy cute workout clothes and an overpriced unbreakable water bottle. 

I signed off an email chain with some good friends by saying I was going running, to which one responded (quite rightly), “SHE HAS ONLY BEEN IN LA A WEEK AND SHE’S STARTED RUNNING! AND NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE IS CHASING HER! We must stage an intervention.” And I must admit i do feel like a bit of a poser working out as if it were a part of my daily routine next to muscle men and active senior citizens getting their heart rate up. 

The gym is a weird place. People of all ages and shapes come in and sweat together and pretend they’re not checking themselves out in the mirrors that occupy 50% of the walls. And somehow the treadmills are always placed front and center under the TVs so that when I’m running I always feel eyes glued to my ass in between glances at CNN. And then there’s the racing. I can feel my neighbors glancing at my speed, increasing theirs, checking out my miles, my time, my calories and before I know it I feel like we’re neck-and-neck running the Boston Marathon. 

So we’ll see if this new habit of mine persists. I’ll call it my January 13th Resolution.

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  • you’re seriously paranoid….

    with that said: anytime i used to go to the gym, i got the same feeling. well – i never thought anyone was staring at my ass, mainly because i have no ass, but i always thought people were racing me on the tread mills. crazy thoughts indeed!

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