January 28, 2009...4:11 pm

Unpaid Vacation

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Surprisingly enough, that interview I was so gracefully late for did not result in an offer of full time employment. And even weirder, considering I know next to no one in LA and have pretty much exhausted what few connections I have, I have no other interviews lined up. Worse than all that, this 9-5 gig I’ve been holding down, better known as unemployment, is really losing its charm.

 On a typical morning, The Boyfriend’s alarm sounds at about 7:30AM. He groans, I groan, he silences it. He gets up, takes a shower and proceeds to law school to enjoy his somewhat normal day. I go back to sleep until I have somewhere to be which is usually never. So I sleep until I damn please then get dressed, meaning I throw on a towel with straps and a velcro clasp I’ve deemed my “house dress.” I give Internet job searching, applying and networking a good go and then I proceed to screw around on the Internet for however long I feel. I work out, I shower for no one in particular and try to think of interesting things to cook for dinner.

For someone as lazy as myself, this was all good for the first week or so. But now I’m increasingly bored and need someplace to be, something to do, a job thing. 

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