February 15, 2009...10:24 am

Live Gym Entertainment

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My fellow gym-goers persist at being an odd bunch. There’s the Indian man who exercises in a dress shirt, slacks with a leather belt and running shoes. I assume he’s really letting loose by leaving the tie at home. There’s the absurdly fit middle-aged woman who gives herself pep talks when her trainer isn’t around (“You can do it! One more set!”). And also there are college-aged gym couples who run together, lift together, get water together and generally make me uncomfortable in their togetherness. 

Yesterday I had just started my climb on the stair-stepper when I noticed a couple who looked like they were in their 80s walking on adjacent treadmills at probably the slowest speed possible. He was dressed in proper slacks and a shirt, she a blouse and slacks with her long white hair held back with a delicate headband. When they were done, the man inched over to his wife’s treadmill and spotted her while she ever so carefully stepped onto the ground. Then he tightly grasped her hand and led her over to her walker and towards the exercise bikes. They held on to each other so tightly, so lovingly that I nearly started sobbing on the stair-stepper. Such a sweet couple of any age is a rare find.

Happy Belated Valentine’s <3!


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