About Tink

Fresh off the plane from Manhattan, I’m a recent transplant to LA and a fresh addition to the entertainment industry. Until I find a place of my own I’ll be holed up at The Boyfriend’s apartment where I’ll be taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather, heated pool and proximity to no less than three targets. 

So far I’m glad to be rid of the snow and ice storms, persistent attempts at novel reading during rush hour on the subway amidst tightly packed smelly strangers, the monthly financial rape I formerly called “rent,” the country-wide distance between me and The Boyfriend and my two former jobs which barely paid the bills and made me want to rip out my hair and fall over in protest.

I can be found daily spinning circles around myself searching in vain for over-worked and cranky Duane Reade employees, Cape Cod chips, my monthly subway pass and my formerly ever-present sense that frostbite is inevitable. 


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